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Dexa Scan Sydney will give you a report of the following facts:

  • Total fat percentage
  • Total muscle mass percentage
  • Ratio of total composition (trunk and each of your arms and legs)
  • BMD Score (Bone Mineral Density - flagging propensity for osteoporosis)
  • Age matched comparison
  • VAT (Visceral Adipose Tissue - fat deposits around your organs)
  • Macro Nutrient Analysis (protein requirement)
  • Calorific requirement (diet based)
  • Bio metrics – dietetic analysis (BMR)

Do you need answers to these questions

  • Is dangerous fat hiding around your organs?
  • How effective is your fitness program?
  • Are you losing fat?
  • Are you gaining or losing muscle mass?
  • Do you have a propensity for osteoporosis?
  • What is your ideal protein requirement?
  • What is your ideal calorie requirement?
  • How much energy do you burn?

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Advanced Body
Composition Assessment

Advanced Body Composition Assessment

The demand for accurate body composition analysis is growing as healthcare providers realise its value in identifying serious health risks that result from obesity, including heart disease and type II diabetes.

Health & Lifestyle Packages
to help you meet your health goals

Superior Fracture Risk Assessment

Dexa Scan Sydney has worked with City Clinic's Health Professionals to help deliver a range of targeted health and lifestyle packages designed to help you meet your health goals.

Unparalleled precision
and accuracy

March 2012: US scientist and published academic, Dr Tom L. Kelly, presented a series of workshops to health professionals in Sydney on BMI vs FMI, NHANES Calibration and Visceral Fat measured by DXA.